Buying Guide

First Step

Please zero down one of our project, after selecting the project you need to decide the kind of unit which satisfies your need. To know the availability on the unit number you need to call at + (91)-(11)-40655000/100 , email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Second Step

After finalizing the unit you need to fill the application form (the same may be downloaded from the Company's website). Please fill-in the Application Form and attach a copy of address proof & copy of PAN card (if pan card is not available attach form 60 under the Income Tax Act 1961 with relevant address proof) along with the same and send it at our HO address for further processing. The aforesaid documents can also be sent through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with the Booking amount of 5%-10% which can be sent through cheque, wire transfer or RTGS.

Third Step

After receiving the booking amount and the Application Form, payment receipt, would be issued. Thereafter the Allotment Certificate & Agreement (prepared in two sets to be kept one by each party to the Agreement) would be forwarded to you, duly signed by the Company's Authorized Signatory. On receiving the same within 30 days, you would be required to return one signed copy (signed on all pages by the allottee and duly witnessed) for our records.

Fourth Step

You would be required to remit the installments as per the opted plans as mentioned in the Allotment Certificate & Agreement.

Fifth Step

In case you want to avail Home Loan for the said property, you need to send a signed request letter mentioning the details of your Employer or the branch address of the Financial Institution as the case may be. The Company shall facilitate the same accordingly. For issuance of the loan documents the pre-requisite requirement is that one signed Allotment Certificate & Agreement is returned to the Company.

Sixth Step

Once the project is nearing possession we would intimate you and would send you the offer of possession/FDN (Final Demand Notice) wherein you would be asked to deposit the outstanding dues (if any) along with the extra charges (which is tentatively indicated in your price list), registry & legal expenses & stamp duty payment for the unit within the period stipulated in the FDN.

Seventh Step

On receipt of the final payment we will execute the registry and handover the unit to you. In case you are unable to come, you can issue a Power of attorney (POA) to somebody to do the registry on your behalf.

For issuance of POA, you could request us to send the relevant POA draft, the duly filled/signed POA needs to be endorsed by the Consulate of India in your State. The POA holder then needs to get the same registered at India. You would be required to submit notarized photocopy of the POA for our records. The POA holder needs to carry the original POA for registration and possession.