Best View Infracon Limited


Company Details - Incorporated on 28 th November, 2008 by the name of Amar Shikha Wood Products Private Limited. On 29th January, 2010, the Company had changed its name from Amar Shikha Wood Products Private Limited to Best View Infracon Private Limited and on 13th May, 2010, The Company was converted into a public limited i.e. Best View Infracon Limited.

Registered & Corporate Office address - 201-212, Splendor Forum, IInd Floor, Jasola District Centre, New Delhi-110025

Directors Details-

  1. Mr. Roshan Sharda- Nominee Director
  2. Mr. Maneesh Jain- Nominee Director
  3. Mr. Anuj Srivastava- Independent Director
  4. Mr. Anil Tiwari- Independent Director
  5. Mr. Anil Kumar Dhanda- Nominee Director
  6. Ms. Deepali- Nominee Director

Company Secretary – Ms. Deepali, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

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Website :

Project – The Company is proposing to develop a Commercial Project situated at Malviya Nagar MRTS Station, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017