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Pre/Post Purchase FAQs

1) What documents do I/We need to submit at the time of booking of Unit?

2) What documents do I/We need to submit incase I/We wish to mortgage the Unit?

3) What procedure I/We need to follow for addition/deletion/substitution of name in my/our Allotment Certificate and Agreement of the Unit?

4) What is the process in case I/We want to sell/transfer my/our Unit Post registration of Sale/Sublease Deed?

5) What are the pre-requisite/formalities for possession of the Unit?

6) When will my Maintenance period start?

7) What are the likely Stamp duty charges on Sale/Sublease Deed?

8)Can I/we give Power of attorney (POA) for execution of the registry &/or for signing possession documents on my/our behalf?

9) What documents do I/We need to carry along for registration of the Unit on the date of registry?

10) Can I/We authorize someone to take physical possession/keys of my/our unit on my/our behalf?

11) What all documents do I/We need to carry to site at the time of taking physical possession of the Unit?

Disclaimer:- That the FAQs and the answers are general guidelines for Eldeco projects. Different projects may have systems different from the ones explained herein. Allottee is requested to contact the concerned Customer Care executive to get the specific details for the concerned project and the specific units.